I have been a customer of Wayne Smothers for 10 years. He is a  specialist in vintage muscle car era automobiles, with a specific specialty in Mopar performance cars.

He was instrumental in building my 1963 Plymouth Savoy nostalgia hemi car. My car needed a complete mechanical restoration from front to back. Because of Wayne's extensive hands on background in drag racing, he was able taylor me an engine/drivetrain power package that suited my needs for a top drawer street/strip bad ass Mopar. The car runs as strong today as the day he started it.

I also recently purchased a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. The car needed a new converter and just didn't run the way it should. Wayne replaced the converter and did a Smothers Super Tune. The car ignites the tires now and is an absolute joy to drive.

Wayne is the only guy I trust my Mopar investments with. I know of no one as enthusiastic and knowledgeable with these cars.

Larry C - Bixby, OK

During the last five years, I have been working on and showing a 64 Dodge Max Wedge clone. Wayne Smothers has helped me a lot with the car. I have taken it to his shop numerous times, and each time it has been ready exactly when promised, the workmanship has been excellent, and I have been very satisfied with what I've been charged. I have sent friends to Wayne for work on their muscle cars, and will continue to do so.
Mike M - Tulsa, Okla.

"I was introduced to Wayne Smothers at his second home, the drag strip, one day over 10+ years ago through a mutual friend. He was a young kid that talked what I thought was a-ton-of-smack. Seemed to know something about everything to do with cars. I watched as he went head-to-head with guys twice his age debating the proper performance of suspension to cooling systems to automatic transmissions. I was impressed, he seemed to make sense and he spoke with great conviction. I was there that day racing my "hopped up" street Fairlane, then equipped with a cammed 302ci, 4bbl, headers, stock C4, stock converter, and 2.80 gears. I was laying down blazing 16.30 et @ 86 mph all day. A few years later I pulled the trigger and decided to step up my car's performance.

I had enough magazine sense to know that more motor, meant improvements all the way through the car. I gathered parts and built the motor and started shopping for reputable "performance" transmission builders. Not in the yellow pages. Called a couple of shops and got mixed stories. Almost ready to give up and go catalog, I remembered "the kid" with the Eddies Transmissions advertisement on his car from Owasso. I called Eddies and the owner said, "we don't really do that kind of work, but my son, Wayne, does" and gave me his number.

I called up Wayne and probably talked for an hour about my intensions, options, and prices. Settled on a price and I hauled it out to him within the week. To make a long story short, I have been going back to Wayne ever since. Not only is his transmission work excellent, but he stands behind his work and often what he didn't do. Every time you go to Wayne's shop you leave with more than you came in with and it is 99% of the time at No Charge! The knowledge that "the kid' imparts on anyone who wants to listen about cars and how to get the most out of them is PRICELESS.

I have spent some jack over the years on my Fairlane to reach the level of performance that it is today, but I am absolutely certain that Smother's FREE advice has saved me a ton of what would have been wasted trial-and-error money. Thanks Wayne!

My '66 Fairlane stats:
Ford 393ci Windsor(Pump-gas Minivan motor) w/750cfm carb on Victor Jr intake
Smother's prepped C4 (w/Smother's recommended 3,800rpm converter)
Stock 9" Ford Rear w/31 spline axles and 3:50 gears
28x9x15 rear tires/slicks
Best ET:11:39
Best mph:116.49

Don H.  - Broken Arrow, OK

We relocated to the Tulsa area a little over a year ago and shortly after that time, I purchased a 73 Challenger at the Leake Auto Auction.  Although the car ran decently, it was not of a caliber that I wanted (at least from a performance perspective).  Also, I knew I wanted one mechanic/auto repair shop who could handle all aspects of the engine and drive train as well as any restoration type work that was needed. Additionally, I didn't want to take this car to a mixture of auto repair shops, especially those that didn't have the desire to work on these types of cars.  

After asking around at Tulsa Raceway Park, various car clubs, auto parts stores, etc., it was perfectly clear that the best person in this region of the country was Wayne Smothers.  Wayne and his staff have totally rebuilt my engine, altered the transmission, replaced the rear gears, modified the suspension, repaired the wiring, speedometer, radiator and many other things that are just too numerous to mention. 

Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time growing up around cars and I can say there is nobody I have ever met who possesses the knowledge, experience, trustworthiness, or passion that Wayne does.  His work is beyond phenomenal and as a result, my Challenger runs and performs like a totally different car!! It is incredibly fast and just a blast to drive.  Given my experience, I have gone out of my way to recommend Wayne and his shop to many other people who own muscle cars and will continue to do so.  In short, he is simply the BEST around.
Mark L - Tulsa, Okla.



It all started in 1988 when I met Wayne at, of all things, a car show. I noticed his car, a 1968 383 big block dart, like mine, and we talked. We really did not get to know each other until 1998 when I needed my 727 rebuilt. I dropped it off at 8:00am and after lunch he had it Race Ready. Talk about fast! Nice touch considering I've had every hack job motor rebuild there is......I'd even gone to the pro's out of the magazines and got junk. Let me tell you, they are bad. A huge waste of time and money. I almost gave up on muscle cars altogether because of it.

Well as the story goes I asked him to build me a motor right after the tranny job and he was not ready to do it, so I waited. Best thing I ever did. Now ten years later he has helped me with every aspect of all three of my darts. I have Smothers power in all my darts and currently I am working on a hemi dart, with his help of course. I currently have the second 500" motor he's ever built. Yes, my cars are fast! And, yes, they are really, good, solid cars because of his knowledge and hard work. Not some half baked junk. I have complete trust and confidence in Wayne. If my car won't pass the Smothers road test then its not done yet and I don't want it. If your Mopar runs like a Yugo and you want some respect then this is the place to get some. I know I did. I've never let anyone work on my cars but Wayne and hope I never will.

One thing that is often overlooked are the basic fundamentals. Wayne has and is constantly working on the basics. Most lose this important ingredient with all the hype and magazine lingo. So, if you want a custom built stroker motor, a full restoration, or a patented Smothers brother tune-up, then he's the guy to do it. If you want a cheap no balls deal, get it somewhere else. I'm not just a team mouth piece! I'm just smart enough to listen long enough to know when something is good. And he is. At Twister. Left hand, pink, everyone. Finally, after 26 years of playing with cars mine run like a striped ass ape and look like Pam Anderson. That being said you know Pam runs hard and looks good doin' it. Now so do I.............

David D - Tulsa, OK


I have always had a passion for muscle cars. I purchased my first car in the fall of 1988, a 1969 Dodge Dart GT. Since then I have bought and sold many muscle cars. Through this journey of cars, I kept on hearing a name being mentioned. The name was, Wayne Smothers. Guys were talking about transmission builds, converter help, the Smothers Super Tune, and bad to the bone engine builds! I gotta find this guy. Finally, one Saturday night at the track, I noticed a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger. It was Kyle Schaefer`s "2003 Mopar Muscle`s young guns winner" I had to check that bad boy out. I met Kyle, and I noticed another person with him. " You like the car man?" " I`m Wayne Smothers." I shook his hand and said " You're just the man I was looking for." I now own a 1968 Dodge Dart, powered by Wayne Smothers Supercars. It`s a blast to drive and I look forward to doing more upgrades with Wayne and his staff.  He is the absolute GO-TO guy! Highly experienced, trustworthy, with a true passion for muscle cars!

Eddy G - Tulsa, OK

I first heard about Wayne Smothers over 15 years ago. My brother Jack had told me about how he met Wayne through a friend and Wayne had offered him a ride in his Dodge Dart. His yellow Dodge Dart had a 383 4-speed in it and Wayne had built the engine with a Raised Block crank.

Well, apparently the ride left an impression on my brother and he let me know that Wayne was serious about building engines and he built them to perform well. Over the years I have talked with numerous people about Wayne and the main point that I always heard is that he has the experience and knowledge to work on a car and knows how to set them up the right way.

My favorite car that I have owned for over 20 years is a 1968 340S Barracuda. As my friends/family can attest I have always been very leery about who works on my car. In the last few years, Wayne has rebuilt my transmission, front suspension, brakes, and performed a Smother's Super Tune. The car runs the best it ever has, rides smooth and stops very well. I learned first hand that not only does Wayne have the experience but he has the integrity and honesty to follow through and do what he says he is going to do.

Jarrett "Jerry" M - Broken Arrow, OK