440 Six-Pack Super Bee

I did a ground up, every nut and bolt restification on Tom W's original A12 R4 red Six Pack 4-speed Bee. The vinyl top has been added and the black interior has been changed to red.

The 12 to 1 440 has stock 906 heads and a small custom solid flat tappet cam. Car has been 13.0's on bias tires @ 105 in New York. It's also been low 12's @ 112MPH on Drag Radials with better flowing mufflers here in Tulsa. Other notable items are the J&E pistons, deep pan, and adjustable rocker arms. It's got a CenterForce clutch with the original 18 spline Hemi 4-speed.

Here I am racing John Gavin in his 340 GTS at Lebanon Valley Raceway in New York in 2005. Hemmings came to Tulsa a few weeks later and did a full article on the car and put it on the cover of the November 05 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines.

Here's the car loaded up and ready to head to the '05 Mopar Nationals