1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Randy F's '69 383 Road Runner.  It's auto on the column, has A/C, power brakes, and power steering.

I sold Randy this engine out of my '68 383 GTS. He wanted a mild motor that was very driveable and would work great with A/C. The motor put my 3,500LB GTS into the high 11's with the exhaust open @ 112MPH. It's a 10.9 to 1 438" 383 with stock 915 heads and a small solid cam, Performer RPM intake with 800 Edelbrock carb, and runs through exhaust manifolds. Through the mufflers with 3.55 gears, it pushed this 4,000LB car to 105MPH in 12.85 seconds with a huge stumble out of the gate......come to find out, the fuel in the tank was sloshing and the pickup tube was sucking air. He was happy with what it ran and since it was the last TNT of the season before the track closed, we never ran it again..

Wheels and tires on the car are mine that I loan to customers to race their cars. Normally, this car runs around on 14" Magnum wheels and hard street tires.